Q:  How does the weekly menu work?
   A:  You have your choice of 8 items per week, so let your pallet go wild!  Feel free to mix and match categories (for example, swap a salad for a dessert for a healthier option).  Each item you pick will serve each person twice during the week.  You can choose items from my sample menu online at kitchencreationsbykelsey.com, tell me your own, or we can create a unique menu together!

Q:  Do I need to be present during your cook time?
   A:  No, you do not.  Its up to you whether you would like to be around or not.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
   A:  I accept cash or check, unfortunately I do not currently have the ability to take credit cards.

Q:  I have a pet, is that a problem?
   A:  No, I love pets.  Please let me know before hand what to do with your pet, if anything, while I’m there.

Q:  Do you provide low-fat, and/or organic options?
   A:  Yes, I can cater to almost any type of diet.  This includes organic, low-fat, gluten-free, and diabetic diets.

Q:  How long are you typically at the house?
   A:  4-6 hours depending on family size and menu options

Q:  Does my kitchen need to be clean before you arrive?
   A:  Yes.  I need usable counter space and sink accessibility.  I will leave it as clean as I found it.